About me and my blog

welcome blog fordith profile pictureHi, I am Jess aka Fordith, welcome to my blog, I like long walks on the beach and dancing in the rai… oh, no wrong profile! ..Awkward!

Before you start reading my blog, you should know, I am in no way calling myself an expert on anything I talk about, be it; NFL or its rules, film or book reviews or even about comic books (that I also love)! However, I do know that I am a lover of all of these and I aim to try and show that.

How did I get into NFL?

It all began 25th November 2012, my then-boyfriend (now husband) was a massive Washington Redskins fan, and would often go into long discussions with a couple of  our friends about the NFL and their teams, after getting bored of this for a few months I thought; ‘I will watch this thing and see what it’s all about!’ It was a Giants vs Packers game and very early hours (it started at 1:15am for us Brits) I watched without any prior knowledge of the game, and became enthralled. As you do when you watch sports events, you pick a side, I decided on Green Bay Packers, now unfortunately they lost that game, but when anyone asked me after that who I supported I would proudly say ‘I am a Packers girl!’

It’s years later and I can honestly say I am Packers mad! When the Packers are playing, you should fully expect to see me in a head-to-toe Packers outfit, it can’t hurt right? I have such a passion for my team, I started this blog, I want to keep that passion alive and have discussions with other like-minded individuals!

How did I get into comic books?

iZombie volume 2 reviewAgain, blame the husband! My main love is Wonder Woman however I am open to reading all sorts of comics but prefer strong female led comics.

What else do I blog about?

I would probably put myself in the Lifestyle section of blogging but it is pretty much whatever comes into my head. It could be a book review it could be what my cats have done that day. If you can, please stick with me! I love blogging and although I work full time and am not always able to blog as much as I would like, I do try and put a smile on the faces of my readers!


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