The Game that never was…

It was a long night for me in the UK, I had stayed up until 1:25am to watch the game, I was full of anticipation for what I was sure would be a great game between two Elite QB’s. Well… I was mostly awake..

I am not going to do a play by play breakdown (for the Offence there wasn’t that many) but I will look at the Offence and Defence as a whole. Let’s face it, it was not a pretty game, but we will look at what went wrong, right and what was just in the middle and a little bit meh!


There was lots to look forward to  at the start and plenty of talent was about to run onto the field. I feel that somewhere in the middle the talent may have lost it’s way or a Broncos defender was in the way, looming like a giant (not THAT kind of Giant) over them.  There is not a massive amount of good points that I can pull from the performance of the Offence this week. There was barely any movement in our passing game, Rodgers threw for only 77 yards his worst in years, the run game was non-existent even after a brief glimmer of hope at the start.

 I would not put it all down to Rodgers however, the main problem was not only the Broncos Defence (1st in the League) but also that our wide receivers were not able to get free or  to make plays after the catches that they did get. Are we hurting without Jordy Nelson? Yes, I think there may have been a few plays that he would have definitely helped us with, but we are supposed to have a whole bench of other players that can do his job as well, maybe not to his ability but at least to some of it?!

The Broncos Defence definitely put us in our place on Sunday, and when a future hall-of-famer and one of the best QB’s in the league can’t even make a simple pass play work, you know you have something good going on! As much as it pains me to admit it, but the Broncos Defence beat us and beat us good! The main surprise of the night was Peyton Manning suddenly getting his arm back, some of those plays were monstrous and literally left the Twitterverse in a stunned silence…


There is not an immense amount to say here, the Packers Defence got pushed around, a lot, by the Broncos and Manning. Somewhere in the bye week Manning was able to muster up some of his 2013 winning talent and bring that to the field on Sunday, many had this pegged as close but with the Packers still on top. Manning put those people to shame, and the rest of the world for doubting him and that he still had some time left in the NFL.

With numerous injuries throughout the game causing our defence so many mini dramas I think they got shaken but the strong start that the Broncos got. The game could have been a lot worse, the Packers Defence did make SOME stops but not enough. The pass defence was horrifying to watch at times with the Broncos receivers being wide open (although mostly tackled very shortly after), the run defence was not much better with Daniels from the Broncos offence popping out of the huddle like a spring chicken and making a run for it down the side. We gave up SO many yards in that game over 500! That was not the Packers Defence that I know and love!

But let’s look forward to the future, we have the Carolina Panthers coming up next and hopefully both sides of the Packers ball game have used last week’s performance as a wake up call and right some wrongs!

Do you think that’s possible?

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