The first time I had my heart broken by sport…


It hurt, it hurt real bad. This was the first time I have had a sporting heart break, some might say I must have had a sheltered sporting life and that this isn’t the first time the Packers have lost so what am I talking about?

Yes, I have seen the Packers lose this season but not like that, never like that. It was extreme to the point that although I had been writing notes for my blog throughout the game I just stopped writing. As I have said a lot since that game, ‘if it was blowout or we had just been outscored then, yes, I would have been sad but I would have been fine with it, it was the way we lost.’

It just hurt. For now, let’s go back to the beginning.

As we approached the kick off I was filled with nerves, as I stated in my game preview although I was rooting for the Packers I did not underestimate the Seahawks. It was a strange sensation as I felt nervous myself, as if I was about to go out on that field and play, there was a knot of tension in my stomach.

Starting with the ball played right into our hands, we needed to score and get out in front, that was one of the only ways we were going to beat the Seahawks. Living up to their name of the most penalised team in the NFL the Seahawks managed to get 3 penalties within the first 2:30 minutes of the game and the first 8 plays of the game. Suddenly the Seahawks were not so scary an opponent, we were able to move the ball, albeit through the penalties mostly but we were getting there. The Packers were looking good, Rodgers was barely limping and we were already at the Seahawks 29-yard line. What was this Defense that I was seeing? We had shuffled down the field, we had not been stopped, I started to suspect they were being devious and lulling us into a false sense of security.

As the next play begins Rodgers is flushed out of the pocket and hopping around on his twinkle toes that we all know and love, he then spots Adams down the field and throws high and fast, at this moment I am excited on the edge of my seat, a touch down already? Surely not? Well, I was right, it wasn’t, as Adams goes up for the ball the dastardly CB (Richard Sherman) is up there with him, and as they come down it is Sherman who has the ball, an interception.

Out came their run game, ‘here we go’ I thought, we have a patchy record at best with run defense. I didn’t have to worry for long though, Wilson then tried to pass and it was incomplete, another pass came out and in swooped Ha Ha Clinton-Dix with an interception! After only 3 plays, 3 yards gained and 48 seconds of possession the Packers had got the ball back again! It was definitely a fight over the possession of the ball and it was making for an interesting game only 4:30 minutes in!

Unfortunately this great move was punctuated by Daniels taunting, and being penalised for it, the Seahawks players, so after Clinton-Dix had got us back to the 4 yard line we were now pushed back to the 19 yard line.

Why did you do that?!

I have a real thing about these Taunting, Unsportsmanlike Conduct offences. I have spoken about it before and it annoys me every time, stop thinking of how big you think it makes you look and think about your team! You are in an extremely difficult game as it is, have some sense!

Rodgers quickly makes up the deficit by throwing down the middle to R. Rodgers, with another run from Lacy we are on the 1 yard line, we can taste that touchdown.


My joy was short lived though as the Officials giveth and the Officials taketh away, call was reversed, a correct call but annoying nonetheless. Lacy gave it another go but alas it was not to be, and then came the controversial call of the game, McCarthy sent on the field goal unit.

We only had inches to get on a 4th down, if we hadn’t of got it Seattle would have got the ball back on their own 99 yard line. To everyone else it was an easy decision to make: ‘Go for it!’

But, before you get the pitchforks out for McCarthy, have a think, he knew his opposition, he knew that it was a pretty much guaranteed 3 points (yay Crosby!), and with Seattle having played very strongly in the past few games, surely 3 points and being ahead is better than no points on the board. I understand what he was thinking, if I was playing Madden I probably would have gone for it, but that is the difference, he is an actual Head Coach of an amazing franchise in the NFL and I am a sofa HC. Just to stir the cat amongst the pigeons, I also don’t think he should be fired, can you imagine how many teams would snap him up? Yes he made mistakes, and he has admitted as such, but one mistake should not wipe out all he has done with the team, let alone just for this season.

The kickoff is next, and Brad Jones (surely having just heard @skysportsnfl slagging him off for ten minutes) strips the ball from Baldwin as he returns it and it is recovered by Burnett to the Seahawks 23 yard line, we have the ball back again. At this point I am going nuts, we are not even over 7 minutes into the game and we have had 2 interceptions, a controversial field goal, a fumble and a recovery (and a partridge in a pear tree!). I was exhausted already.

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fun Fact: By the 7th minute, Eddie Lacy, had more yards than the whole of the first match up, he had 40 yards so far and had only managed to get 34 yards in total in the first match up. To me this just proved how much the Packers as a team had grown from week 1 of the season.

A few more quick plays and we are right up at the Seahawks goal line, but after struggling to get the ball in the end zone, McCarthy again sends the field goal unit onto the field to take the 4th down and 1 at the Seattle 1 yard line. Again, not the play I would have made, again Twitter was enraged. Now it was 6-0 and Seattle got another go at the ball, surely they would fare better this time?

This is where the Defense show me just how beautifully they can play when they want to, they show us that they have stepped up a gear. They keep Lynch to a 3 yard run, they sack Wilson for -3 yards and force an incomplete pass. The Seahawks have to punt and our Defense has kept them to 3 and out. All hail the defense!

By now you would think we were bored of having the ball, but as long as the Seahawks were giving it to us we were happy to take it! We take off down the field again, a good mix of runs and passes, keeping the Defense guessing, after the snap Rodgers bounces back a few steps, then a few foward and then some right, out shoots the ball and Cobb is just there, waiting for it. He then bounces on the spot with a slight turn, and I am starting to sing the Tigger song. Cobb who had been in hospital the day before with suspected Appendicitis, seemed fine to me. Although I do think we should start talking parts of the Lambeau wall with us wherever we can go so that the Lambeau Leap can take place, feels weird not having one after a touchdown.. how do other franchises cope? 13-0

The first quarter ends….the first quarter! We had managed to keep the Seahawks Offense off the field, in fact, their time on the field totaled: 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

The 2nd Quarter started with a bang, yet another penalty on Seahawks, it made me wonder how a team that is so good sometimes be equally be so bad at others, they seem quite unstable at times, and for all the Packers faults we are generally consistent, maybe not in a season but at least in a single game or even a quarter!

Another 3 and out gives the Packers back the ball, and cracks start to show in our Offense, a few incomplete throws and a run that was going nowhere,  backwards in fact. Out of the corner of my eye I see that little yellow flag fly, and yet again it’s another penalty on Seattle, a facemask call, excellent! We have our first down courtesy of the Seahawks when we would have had to punt. It is not enough though and after a few small runs and a pass to Cobb we were able to limp to Seattle’s 22 yard line, out comes the field goal unit and Crosby scores another for the team. 16-0 

Another Field Goal, another kick off. I think these two tweets say what happened perfectly.

That’s right, we are almost half way through the 2nd Quarter and Russell Wilson has STILL not completed a pass. His QB rating for his half was 0, for a QB wanting to get to the Superbowl this is absolutely outrageous. I, of course, am feeling very smug.

Unfortunately I don’t get to hold onto that feeling for long, after 2 plays Rodgers throws to Cobb only for it to be intercepted. To be fair to Rodgers at this point, he may have had 2 interceptions in this game, he only had 7 throughout the whole season (pre, full and post), it just sucks 2 of those had to be in this game.

Seattle get the ball back again and I watch and cringe as they are able to move down the field, but our Defense is fighting with them all the way, I breathe a sigh of relief as the Defense get a massive stop on the Seahawks as the 2 minute warning goes. Once back from the break I watch the Seahawks line up, I am chanting ‘come on defense, come one defense, stop them here!’ As I watched Wilson step forward and launch the ball down the field my heart sunk, this was going to hurt.

And then, I whooped and cheered with the best of them! It was an amazing interception, and it had stopped the Seahawks yet again and a THIRD interception for Wilson. I couldn’t quite believe it, this was the team I was so worried about? This was building to be an epic game, at least for the Packers, and I was dancing in my chair. The last few minutes of the 2nd half were not as eventful, we tried to move the ball a bit, then the Seahawks tried, yet more penalties ensued, but on both sides this time, the end of the half came. Whilst incredibly happy that we were 16-0 in front of what was said to be one of the hardest offence/defenses to beat at home, I was also cautious.

The 3rd Quarter started boring enough, not much action from either side, we moved it a bit and they did likewise, then, as they were about to punt it back to us, Seattle did here to watch as I refuse to watch it again. 

Now it was 16-7, the momentum changed, we get the ball back and although we start moving the ball Rodgers gets sacked, until now I had thought that the Offensive line had been playing really well, there had been numerous occasions where Rodgers had a lot of time to do his read options etc. this unfortunately just wasn’t one of them. We were saved a little by the Seahawks going 3 and out after a fumble (they recovered it) a short pass and another incomplete from Wilson. ‘Come on Packers, come on Packers!’ The 3rd quarter ended very quietly.

We had the ball still at the start of the 4th quarter, Starks managed an amazing 32 yard run, it was a push in the right direction and I was getting excited again as we meandered down the field. With 2 incomplete passes from Rodgers we had to settle for a field goal, it was now 19-7, we were in the lead of a 2 score game. Again with the smugness, thinking ‘ooh I am going to win my bet!’ It wasn’t a big bet but who would say no to an extra £20 in your pocket!

The Seahawks started their charge down the field, everytime they move the line of scrimmage I hid further and further behind my hands. I knew it was possible to get those scores in that time, we they still had 8 minutes left on the clock, even I have seen that done. Still, the Defense were holding strong and I was so proud of them for pulling together the way they had, they have not been totally reliable this season. In fact, I was saying that very thing to my fiancée when Burnett burst through the Seahawks’ Offensive Line and sacked Wilson for -5 yards. ‘YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!’ This was the stop we needed! Followed quickly by what could have been Clinton-Dix’s 3rd interception of the game, it went through his hands though and I did the stereotypical ‘YEAHHHOooooo.. damn!’.

This is the point where I have to stop, take a deep breath and try to carry on. We get the ball back, and this is where I start to not understand what was happening and why. Not in the game itself, but the coaching choices, with 6:53 left we start to run the ball, rather than trying to run down the clock we go 3 and out.

Seahawks take over and immediately Wilson is intercepted again but Burnett, my reaction is something similar to the cat to the left here. ‘You saw that right? That was another one right? What is happening to him? But hey, yay us! Wahooo.’ 

Oddly, one of the biggest things to come out of that was why did Burnett go down on his own? Had he not the field was clear in front of him, he could have taken that and run off into the distance..giggling with glee.. clicking his heels.  However much I wanted to see this, it did not happen, so I settled for us getting the ball back with 5:04 to go.

We again start making run plays, again I can’t understand why. We are actually going backwards, and although the Seahawks used two of their timeouts during this time, we weren’t getting anywhere and shouldn’t be giving them the ball back. We end up having to punt, giving Seahawks the ball with 3:52 left in the game.

It was at this point that the Seahawks seemed to realise they were playing Football and were losing, they started the dreaded rally that I was afraid of at half time. As Wilson passes Lynch the ball again and again I sunk into my chair, I knew where this was going. Touchdown Seahawks! But was it? I was certain I saw his toes go out of bounds, a debate started in the living room, until the replays started and the Officials reversed the call on the field. Phew! We were safe.. for now.

The Seahawks were fired up now, and the ’12th man’ that had been so quiet for the 2nd and 3rd quarters suddenly woke up. Two plays later and the Seahawks had got that Touchdown again, and annoyingly there was no chance they were reversing this one. 19-14

Here marketh the beginning of the end.

Before I start, I will say, I do not approve of ANYONE who made threats to Brandon Bostick after this play, you should be ashamed of yourselves, he is a human being, if you messed up at work how would you feel when you got home to read death threats? I think that that is despicable and it is the one part of NFL (sports and the world) that I hate. Why people think that just because players/people are on the TV you think you can say whatever you like to them or about them. Just sit for a minute and think how you would feel about that! brandon-bostick

Bostick made a very bad call, he knew that he was supposed to block for Jordy Nelson, but he thought that he could get the ball (and who of us haven’t thought and/or tried to do something that we thought we could do/fix only to make it worse?). He shouldn’t have, he knew his job, but he did. He speaks about this in this article and about the other players.

With 2:09 left to go, the Seahawks had the ball back, and that sinking feeling was returning, they were able to move the ball again and by the 2 minute warning in 2 plays they were on our 32 yard line. The dastardly Lynch ran it in for another touchdown getting 24 yards in the play, it was hands to the face time. The score was 19-20, the Seahawks had taken the lead in the game for the first time with 1:33 to go.

I could not believe it. What had happened to our Defense? Then came the 2 pt conversion, we all knew it was coming, even Seattle fans knew it was coming, they HAD to , the score was 19-20, when we got the ball back if we got a field goal we would win. I could not understand why the Packers did not see it coming? Why were they not glued to their mark  and not letting them out of their sight. Wilson to Willson. 2 points achieved, its was 19-22. I was speechless, I couldn’t believe they had let that slip through.

It was all up to Offense now.

We needed a touchdown to win, and at the very least a Field Goal to stay in the game. With 1:25 left on the clock, everything was tense, the pressure was on and I was on the very edge of my seat whilst I watched it unfold.

Starting on our own 22 yard line, at first we seemed to be going great, 3 straight passes for over 10 yards, we were marching now!

This is actually what I look like excited…with less hair

Then, then it changed, suddenly it seems the pressure got to much, maybe it was the noise of the crowd, but they did not seem to be communicating at all. Rodgers was throwing passes at his receivers and they were either to their backs or not near them. Under immense pressure it was up to Mason Crosby and the Field Goal unit, a 48 yard try, and only bloody made it!! (See above GIF for reaction)

With 14 seconds of the game left it was a tie game, the Seahawks decided to take their chances in overtime and took a knee.

I could not watch, I sat watching through my fingers as the coin was tossed and we lost, if Seahawks got a touchdown now they won. In all honesty I don’t understand why when in the blurb the Ref had said that we each got a chance to score, but that will be something to work out another day as I shushed my other half as he started to explain it.

It started so well, Crosby’s punt had them pushed back to our 13 yard line, as they creeped further up the field, a run here a pass there, the knot in my stomach tightened. We managed to sack Wilson, but I refused to get exctied, it wasn’t over until we had that ball back in our possession.

We had managed to flush Wilson out of the pocket and as he was running away from our defense players he threw the ball up into the air and downfield, we were convinced he had just thrown it away, then, as it came down we saw that little defender, I saw him get bigger and bigger as the camera followed the ball. It was Kearse, the man who had had 4 interceptions and a fumble in the game and no other catches.

I am pretty sure that he fell backwards in slow motion, it certainly felt like slow motion watching it, maybe I just passed out and came to watching the replays, but he had done it, he had got the touchdown.

I cannot tell you how it felt, but I did it in real time on twitter:

I went to bed with a very heavy heart, I couldn’t even watch the after game interviews I had to turn the TV off (I had planned to stay up and watch the Pats/Colts game), everyone I knew was banned from talking to me about it. I couldn’t explain what I was feeling. I felt like a teenager again in the middle of a relationship drama; ‘how could they do this to me!?’ type of reaction.

Upon reflection I was able to say this, we ruined that game for ourselves, we had some stupid decisions, some missed opportunities, and we were unable to take advantage of the situation when we should have.

But I am a Packers girl and I bleed Green and Gold!

2015 will be our year, we will come back bigger. Stronger. Tougher. I have faith in my Packers above all else.

I will leave you with the players comments about the game.

Fordith aka Packers Princess

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