The 2015 Packers Schedule is out..

There was a lot of excitement and build up as the release of the 2015 NFL season schedule drew closer. All the fans of the 32 teams across the United States were anticipating who their teams were going to be playing and when, some even organise their holidays around it, myself included!

First let me tell you my story: As 22nd April drew closer my fiancee and I were discussing our upcoming honeymoon in September/October, we have decided we are going to drive Route 66 and as it starts in Chicago, what better way to start our honeymoon than a sneaky trip to Green Bay and Lambeau Field! I was getting more and more excited at the prospect of seeing the Packers play in their home stadium, I prayed to the NFL scheduling gods that they were kind to us as our window of time was slim, we were only in the area for a couple of days.

After staying up until 1am to hear my fate, the news came and my twitter exploded with news of various teams announcing their schedules until…

As I eagerly scanned the PDF schedule that they had released, I realised there was a few home games to start the season and one on 28th September! Yes! Cue celebration… but then, I realised I had celebrated too early… the home game was on the 28th September, and we will not arrive in the USA until 29th September. Nuts. Heartbroken.

Ah well, maybe next time Green Bay!

So, let us look at the schedule, apart from the fact that I see a lot of late nights in my future (stupid timezone differences) our schedule looks pretty good, I am seeing some interesting match ups and some games that could be tough and some that won’t be.

I think that I agree with the consensus of my Twitter followers and fellow Packers Family and that the Packers are likely to go 13 – 3 for the season with losses to the Detroit Lions, the St. Louis Rams and possibly the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals.

Although our offense is pretty solid our defense needs some work, hopefully this will be addressed in the upcoming draft, especially in the cornerback department. The Lions can be pretty feisty and I think that we will split the wins between us.

St Louis Rams have one of the best defenses in the league and I have seen many times how the Packers can fall apart when up against a good defense, because if Rodgers and the offense cannot move the ball our defense is not able to pick up the slack.

The Seahawks game will be an interesting one and at the very least entertaining if the last time they met is anything to go by, but are they now on a downward trend after their Superbowl winning high in 2012?

I honestly do think that the Packers will have a good chance to head to the Superbowl this year, if Rodgers keeps injury free and our defense can step it up a little bit. Had the Seahawks game not gone to pot in the last few minutes of the game we would have headed to a Superbowl against the Patriots that we had already beaten that season.

But what do you think our chances are?

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