So that happened….

So yes, I have been away, and yes I have missed most of the first half of the season! Firstly, my apologies, I was getting married and then having a nightmare with honeymoon drama and a honeymoon that never happened that got me in a non-writing funk. However, I am out of it now, and am taking advantage of the bye week this week to get myself back in the swing of it!

One thing that has kept me going these past few months is the excellent football coming out of Lambeau Field (and others) right now. As we headed off into our bye week the Packers were 6-0, one of the 5 teams in the NFL to reach this unbeaten record. There seems to be a lot of strong teams this year, but who will come out on top overall? Well there’s still plenty of football to come!

I will certainly be writing up a short review of last week’s game and also a preview for this week’s game against the Denver Broncos, another (so far) unbeaten team, with two elite QB’s going up against it, it will certainly be a game to watch!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still around and will be around again! I live tweeted the last game and will be again, so join me on twitter, OR I will soon (hopefully) be starting up a Packers Princess Forum and you can visit there and talk with other NFL fans! Yay!

Fordith signing off..for now!

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