Route 66: The unplannable trip

After waiting 13 months we are only 10 days away from our Route 66 honeymoon. For those that don’t know, we previously tried to go on honeymoon last year. However, due to my Visa issues (not my fault) we lost everything including the money we had paid.

If you do know me, you will know that I am an organiser. I love organising holidays and planning everything. I went on holiday with friends many years ago and everyone had their own pack by the time we left. It included an itinerary, a copy of our train and flight times, and their tickets that we had pre-purchased.

Yes, I know, I have a problem. I am anal about travel, I like to know what I am doing when, where and what time. Route 66 is not route 66 guide bookmy idea of the perfect honeymoon but it’s on my husband’s bucket list and being awesome I agreed to it.

We decided pretty early on that we wouldn’t be doing a guided tour. Settling on driving ourselves around we purchased some guide books.

The EZ66 Guide for Travellers will become our bible on this trip. It has maps on each page varying in detail as well as detailed instructions. I may need to stock up on travel sickness tablets so that I can read it whilst we drive along.

My husband tells me that I’ll be doing some of the driving. Now, I’ve driven in Canada on private land but it didn’t matter if I was on the wrong side of the road. I’m a bit scared of driving in America but he insists he cannot drive the whole 2,600 miles. Rude. So, I’ve agreed to drive in the desert areas and on long stretches. I’m less likely to cause an accident there, but highways and cities are off-limits! Unless I get cocky that is.

The meticulous planner that I am possessed by took over and I decided to look into this. I found this blog post: Top 5 Loves and Hates about driving in the USA that gave me some useful tips.

I booked what I could as soon as I could; the flights, car hire and first and last night hotels. After these I had nothing else to book, we are being adventurous remember? Cue thumb-twiddling for 10 months.

Many people have asked what we planned to do and I had to respond with a shrug and say ‘I don’t actually know. Adventuring?’ This is completely against my meticulous planning necessity. My mum even agreed that it would stress her out too as she is the same! Thanks for that mum!

Over time, as we patiently waited for the honeymoon to draw near I researched a bit more into what we could do and dropped subtle hints to my husband. ‘We may need to book certain things in advance but how could we if we didn’t know where we would be at any point in the holiday? How annoying that is right?’

I’ve recently managed to coerce the husband into letting me book a couple of hotels for the first few nights. We sat and worked out (by google maps) how far we want to get that day and if there’s anything in particular we want to do. In one of the books there is the suggestion to visit the Route 66 drive-in which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve never been to a drive-in so I can finally see if what the movies show is true.

During my research periods I read all about other’s bloggers experiences of travelling Various route 66 booksin America. I didn’t limit my search to just Route 66 but the surrounding areas as well.

Route 66 starts in Chicago and ends in LA. Having never been to Chicago I thought it would be cool to look around the city for a few days.

I am a big believer in asking others who have visited to find out what is worth it and what isn’t. For example, when we went to New York and then a friend of ours was also going we were able to tell them to expect loooong queues in the Empire State Building.

Where the NBA shop was (a must) and to never, NEVER think you can walk the length of Manhattan and back! We made it about 3/4 of the way back before we gave up and jumped in a taxi.

Guide books are great but by getting another’s opinion you might be told about spots that aren’t in there but are really interesting. When I found this blog post  I knew that I’d have to find the time (and energy) to see some of these places before we scoot on to the next city.

In terms of planning that’s as far as I’ve got and with only 10 days to go and loads to do I think it’ll be more unplanned than planned.

You have no idea how anxious that makes me!


Are you a planner like me or a flitty floaty wanderer?



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