Packers pre-season games announced!

Today the pre-season schedule was released for all 32 teams, with my own personal countdown until the season starts I couldn’t wait to find out who we were going to flex our muscles up against.

Week 1 (13th – 17th August)

Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots  

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If only this game was in February! It is as if the NFL gods are giving us a chance to see what would have happened at the Superbowl had we not folded against the Seattle Seahawks. I am looking forward to see what the reigning champions play like, I know that it is a pre-season game so everyone will be playing fairly relaxed but it will still be one of the games to watch as two mighty QB juggernaults come together again. During the 2014 season we faced them on November 30th and won 21-26 in what was a great game to watch, I look forward to watching the match ups again as well as new talent that may have come through from the draft.

Week 2 (20th – 24th August)

Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers


The last time we faced the Steelers was back in 2013, this was before I really knew who was who in the NFL at the beginning of my fandom, however, since starting to pay attention to the sport I have to say I have heard good things about the Steelers and their QB Ben Roethlisberger being in 3 Pro Bowls and winning 2 Superbowls he is not someone to underestimate. But will the rest of the team step up to the mark vs the Packers or will the Packers have to do the same?

Week 3 (27th – 30th August)

Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers

Having met them in the 2014 season and beaten the Eagles by a whopping 20-53, I would say that I am not too worried about this game. They even might be thinking they will rest Rodgers and give Tolzien some running around time, however, in the beautiful game that is NFL you can never be completely sure what is going to happen. Sure, we might trounce them, but they could be tricksy little Eagles and pull out something amazing…albeit they would probably save that for the regular season, but still a game to watch and help our defense grow a bit more and gel together.

Week 4 (3rd – 4th September)

New Orleans Saints vs Green Bay Packers

I am not going to lie, the 2014 game between the Saints and the Packers last year was dreadful, for a Packers fan at least, the Packers weren’t with it and the defense had a lot to answer for the loss. I cannot take the win away from Drew Brees though who again is well known for being an amazing QB, it is always a worry when we go up against someone as good as he is, not just because of him but how he lifts his team up with him. For this game I am expecting a shoot-out (to coin a football (soccer) phrase, it is again to of the best QB’s in the league going up against each other. The Packers new and returning players will still be testing out their new team layout and any new plays from training camp, I think this will be a game to keep an eye on, pre-season or not!



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