Moving on up and out

Moving house is one of the most stressful things to do, so they say. You may have noticed my radio silence of the last couple of weeks/months, that is all due to us deciding that it was time to move. And time it did not take, after looking at only 2 houses in person (but hundreds online) we had found it; our house!

The only issue was that we had not put ours on the market yet so moving quickly wasn’t looking likely, but the estate agents had said that our street was a popular area and there was lots of demand for it. Our house went up on the market on Sunday and was sold (subject to contract) by the Thursday, which meant we had to get moving quickly!

So, back to the saying ‘moving house is one of the most stressful things to do,’ a couple of weeks ago I probably wouldn’t have agreed, our house sale and purchase was all running smoothly. As an aside, if you are in the Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Redditch area I cannot recommend enough the guys at A P Morgan who were really great with us as we were new to the whole process, they were friendly and helpful and most of all knowledgeable and honest. We were under no misconceptions about what to expect or what was happening at any given moment and they really looked after us.

moving cats asleep packing boxes

The Kittens found some intriguing places to sleep                    amongst the packing frenzy.

We had accepted the offer on our house at the end of March and by the end of April we were being told that the moving date was likely to be the end of May, so we got packing.

The cats were loving it, a box fort in every room for them to play with, us not so much, we would walk past and look up just to see a cat peering down at us as if to say; ‘what? I ALWAYS sit here!’ 

The packing was slow going, and it is at that moment that you realise just how much stuff you have in your house, and you will wonder how you fit it all into your house in the first place. Also, if you are moving to a larger house you will wonder how it fits in both your new house and your old house in almost the same way.

kitten laying on cardboard box

  Gale found some odd spots comfy! #CatLogic

As the moving date drew closer the process started to slow down, although we were given dates in mid may last minute enquiries were drawn up that meant we couldn’t exchange contracts when we were supposed to and had to quickly scramble to get them answered. If you have ever moved or even bought a house you will know all about the dreaded ‘chain’, we had pressure from our chain, not from the people we were buying from but the people they were buying from.

This is where the stress kicked in, one exchange date got missed because the buyers were not aware it was supposed to be that day, then it was the enquiries, then two days passed and our solicitors sent a letter to them to say if the exchange did not happen that day then the whole chain would fall through as someone had a 2 day move to do.

packed boxes in a pile

Almost got it all in one van, just these pesky things left!

This was by far the most stressful part as it all came down to a week of not knowing, we could not book anything like removal vans to hire or days off work until we had that date confirmed, luckily our companies are very understanding and we kept them abreast of all the developments.

Finally two days before the supposed moving date we exchanged contracts and the move date was confirmed for the Friday. A manic packing frenzy ensued as everything we had put off because we didn’t know if we were definitely moving or not that day had to be done within 48 hours, but we still had to work full time.. and occasionally sleep!

The Friday came and we picked up our van, both me and my husband are very lucky with our family and friends who came to help us move in the short 2 hour window you are given to get out and wait until your keys are released to move into the new one. Both sets of parents, a brother and his friend all turned up and worked their little butts off to get it all done in time.

blue tree

My favourite part of the garden is my blue tree!

Of course what is loaded in the van, must be unloaded in the van, we gave initial tours of the house, again more sweating, more confusion about where to put everything as we had locked the cats in one of the rooms we had designated a dumping ground. Eventually it was all out of the van, we said our goodbyes and thank yous and surveyed the scene; we may have been absolutely shattered but we still had a lot to do, we needed somewhere to sleep for a start.

We collapsed into bed quite early that night, knowing that the next day we would wake up and still have so much to do, my priority was the kitchen, if nothing else I need my food! Husband decided blackout blinds were needed in the bedroom as come the sunrise it was so bright in our bedroom you would have thought it was a window looking directly into the sun!

The most important thing is that we are in, we haven’t killed each other (although we have 2 weeks of no internet ahead of us and a week of no TV), and I am in love with my new kitchen! Considering in our old kitchen if you turned around you were on the other side of the kitchen this will take some getting used to!

New kitchen right hand side

New kitchen left hand side

other side of kitchen

Do you have a moving horror story? Do you have any good tips for moving house? What to do, what not to do?


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