Lush List: My new find

Last week, during one of my usual random internet perusals I found one of my new favourite sites called Lush List. Lush List is a shop that sells jewellery, accessories as well as items for your home.

Whilst looking at the site I could see lots of items that I wanted, to the point that I filled my basket with nearly every item. Reading through the site I thought it was refreshing to see them talk about the fact that although they are small it does not mean that they don’t care about the quality of their products.

I also saw that they were looking for bloggers to be part of the #LushListTribe and I thought; ‘Hey! That could be me!’ And so I signed up and waited to hear back, after a few minutes I got a reply and my blog had been chosen! Cue the excited dancing and applause!

The guys at Lush List are all about the girl power, something that I strongly identify with, most (if not all) the comic book stories that I read are female driven or at least have strong female leads in them.

Lush List want to be able to offer stylish fashion accessories and homeware that doesn’t break the bank. I strongly suggest you read their ‘about’ page to find out exactly what kind of shop they and yellow scarf

What did I chuck in my basket I hear you ask? Well it started simply enough, a scarf, I am not someone who usually wears colour (not on purpose just seems to have happened that way) but when I saw the selection I was immediately drawn to the brightly coloured black and yellow scarf with its strong patterns and the yellow brilliantly contrasting the black.

The next item I found was a gorgeous necklace, the Astronaut and Planet necklace is very creative and would be a nice added extra to a plain outfit. I like this necklace because like me it is a bit off-the-wall and not your standard jewellery piece (not that I am a jewellery piece) and who doesn’t need a little whimsy in their life. That reasoning also ties into my next item and it was one of my favourites, yet another item that has an amusing side to it, a giraffe wearing glasses cushion cover. Because….reasons.

Astronaut necklace                                  Giraffe with glasses cushion cover

looking at my bank account gif

          Looking at my bank account…

In the end and after looking at my bank account balance I had to settle on just one, so thinking of sheer practicality I went for the scarf. When you think about the weather we have been having this wint….summer I don’t think it was a bad decision, at the very least I can wrap it around my head when not wearing a hood to avoid the rain!

And today the scarf arrived! I am super excited to start wearing it with different outfits but alas not today as it doesn’t really go with my Captain Marvel jumper! Lush List even packaged my scarf with great attention to detail, there is nothing I love more than shiny things! The glittery paper and Lush List sticker was a nice touch, it made you remember that this is not just another high street store and that care has been put into these items and their packaging.

External lush list packaging  lush list sticker

Scarf unwrapped in packaging

More exciting for you guys: As a benefit of being part of the Lush List Tribe I also get to offer my lovely readers 15% discount off any of your purchases by going to: and using this code:



So what do you think? Something you would buy too? Have you got anymore cool finds that I should know about?






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