Lucifer Season One Review

For months, my sister’s been bugging me to watch Lucifer. With it being on Amazon Prime (which I do not have) I had an excuse for not watching it. That was, until I got access to my mum’s account as my husband wanted to watch (the new Top Gear that is not Top Gear) The Grand Tour. After seeing Lucifer advertised on there one evening I finally caved and suggested we watch it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG Tom Ellis fan, so it was likely that I’d watch it eventually. What this show had going against it was hearsay. A couple of people had said that they tried to watch it but it was not for them. I’ll admit that I do look to my peers for my next binge watch. It really makes logical sense when you think about it, if my friends (who I like) like it, then I will like it surely?!
Lucifer Tom Ellis Devil Horns

……..Oh yeah!

This works for the most part, there are certain friends I have that I know will watch the same stuff as me. So, when I hear something about a show I haven’t seen myself I can become prejudiced against that show. However, there are exceptions to this and Lucifer is happily one.

It’s a pretty normal procedural cop show and after the first few cases the reason for Lucifer still being on cases is a little strained. Other than him having an interest in the mystery of Chloe Decker.

The shows story is based on ‘what would happen if Lucifer took a holiday from hell?’ The answer? Much mischief!

It starts with Lucifer being Lucifer. Living the life he’s always wanted, having fun and generally doing whatever he wants. After retiring from his dissatisfied life in hell Lucifer goes to Los Angeles and opens a night club. The fallen angel is all about pleasure and we are introduced to Lucifer whilst he gets pulled over by a cop for speeding whom he manages to bribe to get himself out of trouble.

One night a friend of Lucifer’s is murdered outside of his club whilst they are talking and so he gets involved with the LAPD and their cases. This is where we meet Lauren German’s character, Chloe Decker.

The writers have done a fairly good job of making the murder of the week (usually) tie into Lucifer’s life somehow. But what they have done brilliantly is add humour to almost every situation. This show makes me laugh out loud at least every other minute and that is a rare thing. Usually this is saved for Brooklyn Nine-Nine (if you haven’t seen this you REALLY need to watch it).

The show benefits from Tom Ellis’ take on Lucifer and his quick wit as well as some excellent casting of the supporting cast members. Some of the funniest scenes have either Maze (Mazikeen) or Therapist, Linda Martin. Even between the two main characters (Lucifer and Chloe) there is a good back and forth.

As the season continues and the characters develop and bed in the show really gets into it’s stride. Although short (13 episodes) they are able to fit in a whole lot of drama, humour and mythology into the season.

I think that for some people this series needs to be given time, make sure you stick with it until the main story arc sets in rather than the first character meeting episodes. Without going into spoilers all I can say is that at least half of the characters in this show turn out to be completely different to how they are portrayed in the first half of the season.

There are only two things about Lucifer that annoy me:

  1. When you finally see Lucifer’s true face (after they flirt with it for a while) it isn’t all that scary. For a celestial being he does look very human-esque and they could have done something fun with it. Also just a small thing but if he really wants to prove he is Lucifer to her then why not just show her his true face like he does with other characters?
  2. The will they/won’t they storyline with Chloe Decker. It’s not just this show it’s ALL shows that do this. It really annoys me and it’s never something that keeps me coming back. Get them together and then leave them like that.

Despite these points, I really think that this show is great. It is easily one of my favourite shows that I’ve watched recently. The show has charm, humour (as I keep saying) and a lot of drama. It’s definitely a binge watching kind of a show.

Shows like this often need time to grow, Supernatural started out as a monster of the week type of show and nowadays its an entire season arc rather than one and done. I think Lucifer could do this sort of thing but I am not sure exactly how they would go about it or what they would do. I guess the weekly murder gives them something to fill in time with but eventually you imagine Lucifer is going to have to go back to hell and how long can this show last? Personally, I hope a while but I honestly do wonder where it will go from here.

My rating: 8/10 – Really funny and worth giving it the full try!

Have you seen the show? What did you think of it?



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