Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Another Thursday, another week, another divisional game, another Lions game! It’s the last of a 4 week divisional game streak in the Packers schedule and with a mixture of results; some predicted, some…less so, it will be interesting to see how the Packers have decided to play against the Detroit Lions after the upset win at home at Lambeau Field three weeks ago.

They came into Lambeau Field with a 1-7 record and since their win the Lions have looked a bit more confident, having not lost since, perhaps the Packers game snapped them out of whatever funk they were in? But, for the Packers this means that they have to regroup from the loss, hold their heads up high and think only of the game to come not the one just passed.

The Lions injury list although slightly shorter than the Packers has some big names on there, for example both Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate are listed, albeit Tate is probable and Johnson is questionable, that might knock the currently confident Lions Offense and cause them to make some errors or even just have synchronicity issues.

With both the Packers lines looking a little beaten up and/or injured it may be a struggle for the Packers O Line to give Rodgers and his receivers the time they need, something that has been an issue a lot this year. Rodgers has had to deal with a lot more sacks than in recent years, as well as his receivers struggling to get open or even catch the ball, making the Offense seem very sluggish and predictable in recent games.

Some blame the Offense’s issues on having no Jordy Nelson this season, but let’s remember we haven’t had him all season and we still went undefeated until our bye week. Jordy Nelson has a different understanding and has been quoted as saying; “I think guys aren’t making the plays they’re able to make. When you look at the Minnesota game, guys made plays and they put up 30 points against one of the top defenses in the NFC. Then the next game, they don’t make the plays and we struggle.” I think that this is something a lot of the fans would agree with, plays are not being made and if they are they are not to the standard that we know and love. Within the article it also goes on to say that Jordy Nelson is now able to go to practice and help to coach the receivers, if there is one coach in the NFL I would want as a receiver…Jordy Nelson would be it!

How do I think this game will go? Well, with numerous match-ups to watch I think it will at least be interesting. With James Jones (yes and possibly his hoodie) on the field there is a chance for some explosive plays however if matched with Darius Slay it could become a non-starter, Slay has already shown that he can mute James Jones if needs be, it will be up to Jones to make the plays happen.

We will need Eddie Lacy to continue his upward trend of getting the run game started again. With an injury sitting him out of the last time the Packers/Lions met it could be his chance to show the difference he would of made that night were he healthy. Last week’s loss against the Bears was Lacy’s first 100+ yard game and he had a receiving touchdown to boot, if he can keep that up the Lions should be getting ready for him to break a lot of tackles and move himself up the field!

This week, my prediction is Green Bay Packers 17 – 14 Detroit Lions

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