Is Quarless King?

In the Green Bay Gazette and NFL pages last week, Andrew Quarless suggested that he is ‘in the top echelon of tight ends’, but how true is that statement? Is he deluded in self confidence or did he mean that that is what he is aiming for?

If you look at his stats for last year, they are good but they aren’t amazing, compare them to that of Gronkowski (Patriots) or Jimmy Graham (Seahawks) and it would make it clear they are not in his league, however, Quarless is certainly not near the worst TE out there, in a list of Yahoo Sports (since removed) he is listed as 27th in the league, hardly ‘top echelon’ material. Let’s take a look at the 3 players stats compared.


As you can see, Quarless’ stats are hardly through the roof, but you also have to bear in mind that Rodgers has Nelson and Cobb in his plays too, the Patriots and Saints (Graham’s stats are from his Saints games as he recently moved to the Seahawks) have a different play style to the Packers. You could also argue however that if he was in the same league as the others he would be targeted more by Rodgers, if Nelson and Cobb were not as good as they are you could see a few more yards in Quarless’ stats.

I like to think that what he meant is that he could be in the ‘top echelon of Tight Ends’ because this would mean he knows he is not the best, is not over confident but believes with some hard work he could be considered as somethign special to the Green Bay Packers team.

Some fans believe that Richard Rodgers is the better Tight End for the Packers with more room to grow after being with the Packers for only a year, whereas Quarless has had 5 years to make an impression in the world of Tight Ends. In the last season (and his first) he only started 5 games (but played in 16), and in these he received 20 passes, achieved 225 yards, averaged 11.3 yards per play and also scored 2 touchdowns for the Packers. Numbers that would and should make Quarless jealous as they are more than rivalling his own.

I think that unfortunately for Quarless he will end up as a back-up TE for Richard Rodgers, but I look forward to them trying to out perform each other, a lot of fans are calling for Quarless to produce more for the team before making these sorts of statements and he has since come under a lot of criticism since the articles went live.

What do you think?

– Fordith

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