I’m sorry, what happened?

Let’s face it, it is a game that Packers fans were confidently strutting into, ‘it’s the Bears…come on!’ Another week, another divisional game (with another to come next week), and we as fans were pretty sure we had it in the bag. The rivalry between the Packers and Bears fans is one that has been going almost 100 years (since 1921) and in recent years has definitely been one-sided towards the Packers.

So, when Thursday rolled around we were ready for it, coming off of last week’s win against the Vikings we thought that the Packers had broken the slump and were going onwards straight to the Superbowl.

The game started off strange, the Packers had the first possession and despite a good few runs from Lacy, (showing that he is not done yet!) it came to 4th and 2, and instead of punting the ball away the call was made to go for it with another run. This was unsuccessful and gave the Bears the ball on the 49 yard line, luckily for the Packers the Bears went 3 and out and they were not penalised for the earlier call.

From then on it became what Packers fans are starting to get used to, not an immense amount of anything, it was more dropped passes from the WR’s and Rodgers was also a little off, not helped by an apparent injury late in the game where he ran off to the sideline clutching his arm, but did return in the following play. Even when Lacy scored his TD there was a moment of panic for fans when he flicked the ball behind him as he crossed the line, almost causing the touchdown to be overturned.

The only positive to have come out of the game was the Packers defense, they played a great game and were able to keep stopping the Bears from scoring (or moving the ball) in order to give the Offense another go at increasing their lead. Even with numerous injuries plaguing the Packers Defense they have been able to perform fairly consistently for a few weeks and with another division game around the corner this can only help the struggling Offense catch up. Almost all the points in the game were scored in the first half and only a field goal scored in the second half by either team.

There are numerous calls by the fans for some changes to be implemented in order to improve the Packers performance, these include Mike McCarthy to resume play-calling duties rather than his assistant Tom Clements who has taken over the role this year after Mike McCarthy stood down due to the controversial calls during Championship game last season. With numerous questionable calls to his own name, Clements is soon becoming an unpopular figure amongst Packers fans. With the Packers having been pretty dominant whilst under Mike McCarthy’s direction perhaps it is time to return to the former situation and get back to the winning team they were previously.

Another call from the fans and pundits is to give Jeff Janis more play time on the field, with some very explosive punt/kick returns to his name this season alone he may be the best chance at giving the Offense a kick-start (no pun intended) and a new lease of life. From what I have seen I have to agree, right now with Nelson out for the season the Packers are missing something, the current receivers are not stepping up to fill the void so why not take a chance on someone like Janis?

What do you think, would you take that chance?

And just remember:

Clay Meme
Packers Princess – @Fordith




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