Game Preview: Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals

After last week’s win the Packers are guaranteed a Playoff spot, now the race is on to find out which seeding we will take, as well as a chance to see how we match up against the Cardinals should we meet them in the next round.

So what should we expect from our Playoff  (assuming we win the division) preview? Well, the Arizona Cardinals team is currently ranked as 2nd in the entire League,  are currently 12 – 2 and looking to make it 13 – 2 whist the Packers are looking to make their record 11 – 4 after a rocky mid season bump.

With some dangerous weapons in their arsenal, the Cardinals could be unpredictable, at best, which is something the Packers seem to have down to a tee right now. The Cardinals QB Carson Palmer has been listed as Probable for this week’s game, after a finger injury, has set a career high on passing yards this season and recently has been achieving 250+ passing yards a game. The Cardinals also have WR Larry Fitzgerald, although slightly hampered with an ankle injury recently has still been able to put up some good numbers, but when he is matched up with Casey Hayward this week hopefully he can keep Fitzgerald contained.

For the Packers this game will be all about Defense, the Packers Defense can do it, I know they can, they have had some wobbly moments I cannot deny it, but they will need to be strong against this Cardinals Offense. They will need to be consistent, which they have struggled with at times, keep stopping the runs and keep good coverage on the passes, as well as the usual big plays and big stops.

The Packers team are still being plagued with injuries as CB Sam Shields and TE Justin Perillo are out for the game on the IR list and T David Bahktiari is listed as Doubtful. Most of the Offensive Line is banged up, although listed as Probable this has been a big part of the Offensive issues as there is nowhere near the same level of protection for Rodgers and Lacy is unable to make plays on his running route holes that do not appear.  However, Quarless is due to return after being moved to the Active Roster which may alleviate some issues.

In my opinion, I believe that this will be a tough game for the Packers, I also believe that it will be a close game, and as much as it pains me I can see the Cardinals winning it. The Packers have had their struggles this year, and as much as I want them to turn a corner (and it could be this game that does it) I believe that the Cardinals are ready for them, if they have done their homework they will know our weaknesses and use those against us.

I will be watching the game (and live tweeting – come join me!) on the edge of my seat until that final second ticks off the clock! I predict:

Green Bay Packers 21 – 24 Arizona Cardinals 

What do you think?




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