Game Preview: Green Bay Packers vs Denver Broncos

We have done it, we have made it through the bye week! And now, it’s time to get ready to throw two elite QB’s on a field and see what they can do! I am a little bit excited, are you excited? I am excited…
So, let’s look at the Offence and Defence of both teams and what to expect from them.

Offence – Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has repeatedly had some terrible games this year, fuelling worries about whether his arm, or himself, is still a threat in the NFL today. A lot of people are thinking not, with his stats for the first six games being the lowest of his Denver career; completions:146-237 (61.6 percent), 1,524 yards, 7 TDs, 10 INTs, 72.5 QB rating. Ten interceptions!? And they call Kirk Cousins an interception machine yet he is sitting pretty at 9 TD’s and 8 INTs?

Some will argue that Peyton is going through a big change with the coaching and playstyle, however, that should not change your fundamental ability to play good football. Peyton Manning is currently ranked 31st in QB’s in the NFL, but, will today’s game be the one that changes it all? The offence do now have DeMaryius Thomas and Owen Daniels back from injury after the Broncos’ bye week, which can only help Peyton feel slightly safer with his starters back. The question remains though, will Manning and his offence finally snap back into the well oiled machine they once were?

Offence – Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Offence is looking pretty good right now, after the bye they have all been able to rest up and those with injuries got a bit more time to heal. Our Offensive Line will be bulked up by the return of Bryan Bulaga and the OL will have their work cut out for them, the Broncos defence is rated as 1st overall in the league with 26 sacks to their name.

Hopefully, this will be the game where Eddie Lacy is able to come back after getting healthy and re-establish a run game that has been lacking recently. Lacy has not been able to pound away those yards as much this year, it seems to be a trend across the league for some teams, for example, the Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris has also been having trouble getting those yards where he used to be a difference maker, but also sitting out on most plays. When this happened to Lacy it was Starks that bridged the gap, however, with Starks injured and questionable to play this weekend it will be all down to Lacy to gain some extra yards, make a difference and give Green Bay another quiver to their bow to outwit the Broncos defence.

Eddie Lacy Touchdown Jumping GIF

Up and over!

Defence – Denver Broncos

Out of the 6-0 teams so far this year, the Denver Broncos seems to be the one that is baffling everyone. With the offence taking a nosedive this year the defence has definitely had to step up to the plate (yes, yes I know, wrong sport) and boy, have they! The Broncos’ best attribute is their pass rush, they lead the NFL with 26 sacks shared amongst nine players who have multiple sacks each: DeMarcus Ware (4.5), Shaquil Barrett(3.5), Malik Jackson (3.5) and Von Miller (3.0).

It will definitely be a tough game for Rodgers and the offence to get the passing game going, but may also be a chance for the run game to increase instead. The Broncos defence is known for being the reason for most of the Broncos points this year, but with home field advantage could that number only increase?

Defence –  Green Bay Packers

Burnett, Raji and Palmer are all returning this week so the Packers defence is pretty much running at 100% health-wise, and with Peyton Manning’s arm being unreliable the defence should not have to worry about the long pass game (which is good as it is not our best area), there will more likely be dinky dunk passes a few yards at a time. This can be dangerous as they can all add up and before you know it they are in the red zone, however, if the defence can keep it tight and force a few turnovers then there may be hope yet.

The last game against the Chargers the defence did manage to stop them in the red zone, however if the Broncos take note from what the Chargers did our defence could be in trouble, hopefully they have watched the game tapes over the bye, seen what they did wrong and have worked on improving that. We need to not fall in the same traps again and again, I have faith in the defence and with the rest they have been given with the bye week I think that Peyton Manning and his offence are going to be having quite a tough time of it.

What do you think the outcome will be?

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