Game Preview: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers

After the high drama of last week’s game versus the Denver Broncos the Green Bay Packers are moving onto the next undefeated team in the league, the Carolina Panthers. The team that seems to find a way to win are up against the Packers, but who will succeed and will we break their winning record?

It will be a game that I watch from behind a pillow, with the range of emotions this baby shows, I have no doubt. It could be a game that goes either way, and with numerous injuries added on the Defence’s problems it will be a game that could go down to the wire.

With our Defence being shown up last week by the Denver Broncos they need to show that it was just an off week and the holes that everyone thought they saw, aren’t really there! As I have just said, the Packers Defence has suffered numerous injuries, some from the game last week; Shields, Rollins, Montgomery on Offense and some that are new but listed as probable for the game tomorrow. Many believe that the key to stopping the Panthers is Matthews, when he went to the sideline with an injury on Sunday the Defence fell apart and allowed the Broncos to score again. However, if the WHOLE of the Defence can learn from Matthews and get to Cam Newton, keep the Panthers to small yardage plays and knuckle down on the run plays we might stand a chance of keeping the score minimal without the stupidly long passes and runs we were giving away last week. That… or the Packers start investing in invisible barriers to keep the opposition out of their red zone.

In terms of Offense, I will reiterate what I stated about last week’s game, the receivers need to get open more, they need to be able to make plays and show that they can make plays even after the catch. But, it’s not only a passing game that we have, if the Packers can get the run game going, give the ball to Lacy or Starks more than they have been they may be able to make something of it. The Panthers pass defence may be ranked 7th in the league but their run defence is nowhere near as good. If we can exploit this it may be the best route to take in besting the Panthers.

How do I think the game will turn out? Well, if the Defence is able to keep pressure on Cam Newton and stop the run plays as much as possible (or at least better than last week (not hard!)) and the Offense gets it’s head together and gets free then I think it could definitely be a great game. Some of the media are calling this a NFC Championship Game preview for this year’s play-offs, now I may be biased but I think that the Packers could win this, and if they did it might shut up a few of those who are saying that the Packers are losing their edge.

My prediction: Green Bay Packers 24 – 20 Carolina Panthers

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