Everyman Cinema trip

My husband is a massive Sci Fi geek, so periodically I get dragged to the cinema to see a film about it. Today was no different, I personally probably could have lived without

Waiting to go in the Everyman Cinema

 What’s a marriage without            a little craziness?

seeing Independence Day: Resurgence, my husband however could not. He has been a big kid about it since the first trailers were released so I knew that we would be off to see it, especially when I randomly got a text yesterday asking if I wanted to go to the Everyman Cinema the next day.

We were introduced to Everyman Cinema at Christmas when my bosses bought me an Everyman Cinema gift card as a present, not knowing what this was but being huge cinema fans my husband and I merrily skipped off to watch a film there. We loved the experience and came out saying that we would have to go again some time, so whenever a big film came out (or one we really wanted to see) we would say to each other; ‘shall we see it at the Everyman?’

The Everyman Cinema is located in The Mailbox in Birmingham, although it is tucked away at the back by the canal, it is part of a chain of Everyman Cinemas with numerous locations across the UK. They call themselves ’boutique cinemas’ with great importance put on the experience of the cinema goer, be it through their viewing experience, the food and drink available or just the look and feel of the place itself.

If you think of a boutique hotel you know that you will be paying a little bit extra for what you get but included in that price is that little extra bit of luxury that you just don’t get in a travelodge (sorry Travelodge!). Well the Everyman is no different, yes the tickets are more expensive than your normal Vue or Cineworld (or in our case Empire cinema) and the food is as well, but you do get a lot of perks for that as well.

Everyman bar

There’s even an upstairs seating area for when                               they get busy

When you walk into the foyer you are greeted by friendly staff and if you arrive early enough can sit in the bar whilst listening to music and soaking up the atmosphere and even enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

If you are feeling peckish then you can order food, the great thing about this cinema is that you can either arrive early and eat before or put your order in and have it delivered to your seat whilst you watch the film. It is not just the normal Popcorn, nachos or hotdog choices either (although those are on the menu), the menu includes Burgers, Pizzas or perhaps you just want a side.

The menu and a drink whilst wee waited at Everyman

    We found a cosy sofa to sit on                     whilst we waited.

Everyman cinema bar decor

    The decor is very much of the Golden Cinema age theme

Once your film is about to start you head to your screen, it just so happens the films we have seen there are all in the main screen downstairs so we always head down there. Incidentally there is another bar area downstairs that is purely for that screen where you can go out and order drinks or food during your screening.

As you enter the screen you are greeted by our favourite part of going to this cinema; sofas everywhere you look!

Sofas in the everyman

 Luckily there weren’t many people               in our early showing

That is the best selling point of this cinema over the normal cinema you might attend, rather than the uncomfortable seats (especially if you have a fat arse like me!) that you normally get you get a nice comfy two (or one) seater sofa to watch your film on. It is complete with handy side tables, although you do have to share this with the next sofa on either side, pillows and a footrest so that you can really relax as you watch.

We are creatures of habit my husband and I, so you will always find us in a middle-of-the-row sofa for the best viewing experience I would suggest booking the central sofa that is about half way back from the screen.

everyman view from our sofa

         Our view of the screen from our sofa


As we sat down to watch the film, with our drinks in hand the trailers started. A little helpful tip; after the trailers they close the curtains and turn off the screen so that they can do a little speech where the manager introduces themselves and welcomes you to the Everyman Cinema as well as a few helpful reminders about the bar and so on. Sometimes, that person isn’t there and the lights come on, the curtains close and no one appears. After a couple of minutes they will lower the lights again and start the film, so do not worry about having to go stomping off to complain it is broken as this is perfectly normal.

Our food arrived during the trailers, when you order they take your seat numbers so that they can find you easier without having to hunt and shout over the film, and due to being ravenous it was gone by the time the film started but boy was it nommy! The waiting times are not too bad, we ordered ours about 10 mins before the film started and we probably received it within 15-20 minutes later.

Waiting on our food on our sofa

    Waiting on our food on our sofa

All in all I can not recommend the Everyman Cinema in Birmingham enough! We have always had a positive experience there and if it were cheaper (and closer) we would most likely get the full year package. It is £600 but you can see unlimited films at the Everyman Cinemas with it and for Cinema junkies like us that would be great but alas no monies!

Have you ever been to an Everyman Cinema before? If so, what did you think of it?


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