Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Preview

It seems so long ago that the Bears and the Packers played against each other, probably due to the schedule leaving most of the Packer’s divisional games until the end of the season. However, as a divisional game it makes the possible outcomes a little blurrier as the teams are well-versed in the play-style of the opposing team by playing each other twice a year, every year.

It will be the first game for the Packers after getting out of their mid-season slump against the Minnesota Vikings last week and in front of an adoring crowd of Brett Favre fans as his jersey is retired in the North end of Lambeau Field.

With last week’s games in mind, the Packers seem to be getting back in sync with each other that has been missing in recent weeks. With Rodgers still recovering from a shoulder injury he may not be on tip top form, but even Rodgers at 75% is better than most QB’s in the league!

The question on most Packer Fans lips is: ‘Is Eddie Lacy really back?’

After an injury and a slow starting season a lot of Packers fans had given up hope on Lacy’s run game, believing that Starks was the better choice. It was something that I myself was worried about for a while, Lacy seemed lost, could not move the ball and was a shadow of his former self and performance from the last two years. In last week’s game he seemed to come alive again, whether it was because it was another divisional game and Lacy felt comfortable remains to be seen. A good test will be in tonight’s game as he comes up against the Chicago Bears a team he has played numerous times before, and therefore can relax a little and just play ball.

You would think that the big threat to a Packers win would be Matt Forte, who is returning after missing the past 3 weeks due to injury, especially as in Week 1 the RB was able to rush for 141 yards and 1 touchdown. However, it was reported by Kevin Patra that he will be ‘a starter in name only’ as he shares the workload with fellow teammate Jeremy Langford.

What pressure the Bears will bring is uncertain, and with Jay Cutler being inconsistent at best; it could be up to the Packers Defence to keep the Packers in the game, not unheard of. That is not to take away from the Defence who have been improving week on week and had an outstanding game last week, basically stopping Adrian Peterson in his tracks and forcing him to fumble.

All in all I believe that the Packers are finally getting back on track, and with the division in the balance it could be a very important game for us. The Packers/Bears rivalry in me says that the Packers will win as we are playing the Bears, but my nervous nature from watching this season so far says it could be a little too close for comfort.

Prediction: Bears 17 – 28 Packers

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