Canons Ashby: Our afternoon trip out

If you have siblings you will know that as you grow older; life takes you every which way. My family is no different, we are spread across the country. This means that we need to make more of an effort to see each other as well as more time to arrange it.

img_5146When nieces and nephews come along it becomes even more important to maintain that family connection. So when it came to my nephew’s (and brother’s) birthday this year we decided to meet somewhere in between Birmingham and Oxford. Using the magic of Google we decided on Canons Ashby near Daventry.

I will stipulate that we did not actually enter the house or formal gardens as we had the pooch with us. Dogs are allowed in the parkland area but not the landscaped gardens. We knew this going in so we were not surprised by the news.

We wandered directly through to the Tea Room, deciding that a nice Jess Ford drinking Teacup of tea was needed (pretty much a staple of my diet). Imagine my delight when my husband brought me out a cream tea, something I had been craving for the whole week, unbeknownst to him.

Cream tea at Canons AshbyAs a non-cake eater I can’t attest to how that was but the scone, clotted cream and jam was a-maze-ing! Diet be damned, I happily munched it down!

We finished our refreshments and scoured the map that we were given. The map we realised was definitely not to scale as the Church that should have been quite far away we could see closely whilst sat at our table.

We decided to go to the ‘site’ of a medieval village, now, I’m no archaeologist but what we ended up in was a field of sheep. There didn’t seem to be an immense amount of anything. We tried hard to see anything, whether it was small hillocks or a clearing but alas we saw nothing. img_5149To be fair to us, once in the field there was nothing to give us any information, be it signs or plaques. Maybe we missed them but we soon gave up and decided to walk the grounds instead.

As we wandered through the grounds we took their miniature ‘woodland walk’, a short journey through some trees with a path marked out and some activities for kids. Such as tree stumps to walk along and jump off as well as a leaf wall where kids can add their leaves to the art piece.

img_5155In the grounds there is also a small play area with wooden huts for kids to sit in and tunnels to crawl through. My nephew didn’t seem too bothered by these, instead wanting his mum and dad to join him in the small hut. Not an easy feat. Also didn’t look massively comfortable. But if my nephew demands it, it must be done! Duh!


Having the dog meant that we couldn’t go into the house or the church that is next to the grounds so I grabbed a couple of photos from the outside instead.

After this we headed out and into the field next door as we had run out of places we could walk. It was at this point that both the dog and my nephew had decided enough was enough and it was time to sit down.

We sat and ate cake (or everyone else did) before having to head back to the car as dinner time was looming.

Obviously, we did not get the full experience of Canons Ashby but we all still had a great day. If you are in the area I would recommend it.

Here are a couple of extra photos that I took as well:



img_5158 img_5162 img_5145img_5157


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