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I am a merchandise junkie but money stops me indulging, which makes me feel very lucky that I do not live in America (sometimes), otherwise nothing else would stop me buying everything I can with my beloved Packers on.

Occasionally, there is that product that I simply cannot pass up on the chance to own, is a little too tempting and I get a little too excited when I click that ‘order’ button. With that in mind, I want to share some of my favourite merchandise items I have found out there on the interwebs, some official some unofficial, how much they are and where you can get them.

Keep Calm T-shirt – £10.58

keepcalmtshirtFollowing in the footsteps of a craze that has hit a few nations now, rather than the original World War II poster slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On, which has been bastardised in every which way to suit every purpose, it has now been used to incorporate my favourite fandom; the Green Bay Packers. In my household it is not uncommon  for everything else to be white noise and my response time dramatically reduced to when the game is on a break, but it is also not uncommon to hear me yelling, jumping, cheering, fist pumping and being a stereotypical sports fan.

So what better t-shirt for me really? It is a cute little tee with a very applicable slogan (at least for me) on it and is a steal at just £10.58, however this is GBP prices and does vary depending on size/gender.

Packers Bracelet  – £23.12

braceletI am actually not one for jewellery normally , and I am certainly not one for paying hundred’s of pounds for a Pandora bracelet, I just wasn’t raised that way to waste money on things like that!

However, when I saw this Packers bracelet on Etsy for £23.12, for what is essentially the same looking thing but it is already compiled, styled to my taste and does not cost £40 per bead…. I sat back and thought to myself; I would totally wear that!

It is simple but pretty, and I would be able to wear it out as well as when I am slouching around the house waiting for the NFL season to start, and for the games to begin on a Sunday! Thinking about it, they could, and may well, double up as a set of prayer beads to get me through the ‘tougher’ games!

Packers Converses£92.48

packers converseIt may come as a shock to you readers, but I am not…a girly girl… nope! There is nothing I love more than slobbing out at home on a weekend, even the evenings, watching NFL or movies or reading a comic book or three. As such, I have no need to heels, nor do I like to wear them, so although you can get some pretty nifty Packers heels, it is flats for me every time.

Imagine my sheer enjoyment at flicking through the pages and seeing these shoes staring back at me! I only own 5 pairs of shoes and 2 of those are trainers, but, if anything is going to make me stretch to lucky pair number 6 then it would be these glittery beauties! I may not be a girly girl but I am still female, and who doesn’t love glitter! Even the laces are cool, now to work out what size my feet are in US sizes….

Packers Hoodie – $64.95 (£41.81)

It is a thing of beauty, I almost feel like I don’t need to say any more but I will. Although I said earlier that I would buy everything Packers related I could, that is not entirely true, I do have my limits, for instance (personally); I do not need a thong with the Packers logo on, nor do I need a toaster that makes Packers toast. But, when it comes to clothing I am very picky, just ask any of my bridesmaids when I was shopping for a wedding dress!

I like my clothes how I like them, and although a lot of the merchandise is nice, not all of it is my style, nor would it suit my size. Maybe in the future when I have lost a lot of weight and  can wear what I like I will buy even more items but for now I am picky. My top pick would be this hoodie, it has a nice amount of branding on it without being too ‘in your face’ and with the zip makes it suitable for different temperatures too.

It is not outrageously expensive either, which makes it a nice little treat for those days when you want a little pick me up and indulgence but can’t afford a ‘no holds barred’ shopping trip on the credit card.

Stadium Tour – $11+

travel_lambeau_800I don’t think there is a fan out there, especially one that does not live near to Lambeau Field that does not want to go on the stadium tours! I am absolutely desperate to, and come September 29th I will be flying into Chicago, the question is, will we be able to detour our Route 66 honeymoon trip to sneak up to Green Bay so that I can visit ‘the Holy land?’ It may be a point I have to plead with my future husband further down the line but one I intend to try and win!

There is no place in the world that I would currently rather go than Lambeau Field and watch a Packers game. Unfortunately we land a day after the home game and will be out of the area by the time the next one rolls around, so I will settle for a stadium tour, but I will be back Green Bay! Don’t you worry about that!

There are numerous different tours that you can take and as the price increases you get to see a little more of the stadium, personally, I know which one I am going for as this may be the only time I ever visit Lambeau and I am not missing a single inch of the ground that I am allowed on!

So what do you think? Have you found anything cool that you want to share? Perhaps you make it yourself? Let me know and I would love to take a look!

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