2017: It’s better late than never!

To start with, I’d like to wish all 5 of my readers a happy new year and I hope 2017 works out the way you want it to. If you are a regular blog reader (not just mine) then I am sure you will have read a LOT of ‘new year, new me’ blog posts.

I can’t say that it will be a ‘new 2017 me’ that you will see this year, mainly because I know that I am just too lazy to change that much of my personality. If I can I will be looking to tweak some things in my life and here’s what I am looking at doing.
Stopping smoking

Oh yes, I am one of those dirty, dirty smokers, however, I can no longer afford to be one in 2017. I enjoy smoking but I can’t keep spending that amount of money each week on something which literally goes up in smoke. With the cost of cigarettes going up (what seems like weekly) as well as there being less in a pack for your money it gets to the point where I am fed up with it all.

My weight.

This is a biggy (not unlike myself). It is something that I have struggled with for a long time but in 2017 my husband and I are really trying to do something about it. The most important step of which is cutting out the takeaways. We eat far too many takeaways each week just due to laziness and not being bothered to cook after work.

I am currently at the biggest I have ever been and I hate it. Not only that but I refuse to keep buying bigger sized clothes when I don’t want to stay this size, therefore I hardly have any clothes. It’s an odd vicious circle.

We are trying harder to be better where possible as well as starting to ramp up the exercise to go with it. Dog will be getting a lot of walks in her future I think.

I may check in with this later in the year but as of weigh-in Wednesday I was:

20st 12lbs

I can’t wait to not have to write that down again!

EDIT: I started writing this a week ago and after my first weekly weigh in I have lost 2lbs and am now 20st 10lbs.

Drink more water.

This is one of my downfalls in my weight loss journey as I really do not drink enough. Sure, I drink tea all day whilst at work but once I get home from work I will probably have one drink that lasts me all evening. Not to mention the fact that I am not entirely sure that drinking copious amounts of tea at work has the best of effects on my weight loss.

My plan is to use a 1 litre water bottle and write times as a marker to have drunk the water up to (like this). This should help as a visual reminder, as well as any extra cups of tea I might have in between.

Saving money.

My husband and I work hard to have what we do have. Alas, we are in the same trap of most people these days of paying for things over a number of years. Due to this, we have quite a few of these schemes running at the same time. We are going to try and save money this year to pay some of these off earlier. If we did I cannot tell you how much better off a month we would be.

Whilst slightly dangerous for us to have more money (watch out comic book shops) it would be great to finally be able to do stuff around our house. So far we haven’t been able to afford to. You know, like buy furniture… and have wardrobes.

Blogging more.

I think the fact that its 13th January 2017 and I have only just finished writing this post shows exactly what I mean. It is partly to do with not having my computer set up at home (after our house move last year) and not being arsed to get my laptop out of an evening. I have stared at a laptop at work all day, sometimes I don’t want to stare at one all night too.

Something for me to work on this year is to blog and blog more often, the last blog I published was back in October…

Not to mention that I have drifted away from my beloved Packers blogging. Now I know the reason for this; of the 16 games this season I have only been able to watch the last few due to scheduling. IE. weekday games or stupidly late games (for the US) as well as being away on holiday for nearly a month’s worth of games.

With all of these in mind, I know the general direction in which to go. Come 2018, you won’t recognise me as I’ll be a non-smoker, thin, rich and constantly blogging!


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